E-Learning Courses

Who can take E-Learning courses?

Any adult (18+) in Ontario who needs or wants to take credit courses to complete the requirements of a high school diploma or obtain prerequisite courses for college or university. You must not be registered in any other day school.

Additional Information about E-Learning

  • E-learning students must complete an orientation (online or in-person) at the start of their course. At orientation students receive:
    • Their username and password
    • A demonstration of the e-learning website
    • Useful information regarding the course, timelines and lesson submission
  • Courses are designed to be completed in 6 weeks.
  • Teachers are available via email and by appointment.
  • Students are expected to log onto the course site 5 days per week. 
  • Text books and all other course materials are available online.
  • Courses are done one at a time. Concurrent courses are not allowed.
  • Math and science courses include a midterm exam that must be successfully completed
  • Each student must successfully complete the final exam and/or RST to earn the credit.
  • To register for a second on-line course, talk to your teacher prior to writing your final exam for next steps. A counsellor must approve all new course requests.